Why Celebrities Prefer Gel Nail Polish

When it comes to nails, celebrities are the trendsetters. They have resources that most people don’t, which is why they can afford to experiment with different nail styles. Talking about gel nails in particular, most celebrities prefer to use OPI and LDS gel nail polish. If you’re not a celebrity but want to know how celebs achieve their gorgeous gel nails, keep on reading to find out why these gel nail polish brands are preferred. You will surely end up using these after reading this article.

Amazing Features of Gel Nail Polish

1. Improved Look

Since celebrities are in the public eye, they have a number of things to consider when it comes to looking good. The above mentioned brands give them a flawless look on the nails all the time. They don’t have to worry even if they’re caught by paparazzi off-duty. These Gel nails help give them that perfect manicure which is why you see them sporting gel nails more often.

2. Suit Better

Gel nails look good on anyone since it gives the hands a polished and elegant appearance. Celebrities, however, can pull off gel nails even better because their hands are constantly in the spotlight and need to be camera-ready all the time. OPI and LDS gel nail polishes come in a lot of variety so you can choose according to your overall look.

3. Availability in Multiple Colors

Who doesn’t want to experiment with different colors? Everyone does and so do celebrities.As OPI gel nail colors come in an abundance of variation, they are preferred by a lot of people. You don’t necessarily need to copy what celebs do but if you’re planning on sporting gel nails, do it the celeb way by mixing and matching colors. You can always go creative with your nails when you have a good brand in hand.

4. Possibility to Create Different Styles

Since celebrities also need to keep up with the latest nail trends, they try out different types of gel nails such as 3D gel nails which can make their manicure stand out from the rest. If you’re planning on sporting a new style of gel nails, then stick to an edgy and fashion-forward design like what celebs do, and for this purpose, OPI and LDS gel nail polish are always there to help you achieve the look.

5. Longer Life

It’s no secret that celebrities are always on the go because they have busy schedules to adhere to; hence, having long-lasting gel nails is absolutely crucial for them if they want to achieve that chic look every time. Gel nails last much longer than regular nail polish especially if it is from a good brand such as LDS gel nail polish. These gel nail polishes are not only easy to apply but also easy to remove.

6. Give You a Chic Look

It is not about the number of accessories that you are wearing, it is the way you carry it that matters.LDS and OPI give you an attractive and chic look on the nails. You just need to be confident with whatever look you are wearing and you’ll be in the spotlight.


If you’re looking to add some glamor to your nails, gel nails are a great way to do it. Not only do they look attractive and stylish, but they also last for weeks – sometimes even months – without chipping or peeling. In this article, we take a look at the reasons why celebrities prefer OPI and LDS gel nails and how you can achieve the same look in your own home. So whether you want to emulate the chic style of Kylie Jenner or the understated elegance of Meghan Markle, use these brands and get the nail glamor you have always desired to have.