One Scarf – One Life

Unee Charp Eune Vie

Sustainable Fashion

We are a socially- conscious, company and a proponent of “slow fashion”. Pursuing our passion for ethical and #slowfashion and empowering women out of poverty and giving to educate kids in developing countries so their lives are improved.

100% Handwoven & Handmade

Make no mistake, these scarves are mind-blowing for a reason. They go through a complex and intricate process that is extremely labor intensive and remarkable. Each strand, knot and weave is created with extreme patience. A woman weaver has dedicated weeks of her life to create every unique piece from our collection. Each design is significant to the tribe or village she is from and exists only in her mind. She weaves from memory, from her life: one scarf, one life.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship everywhere! Making it easy and convenient for you to receive your one of a kind scarf. Check out our shipping policy and learn more about our shipping partners!