How to Apply the Best Glitter Gel Polish to Your Nails

Have you ever tried applying glitter gel polish the traditional way? Then, you must be aware of how challenging it is to get the best manicure on your nails. Sometimes, the glitter becomes clumpy and destroys the manicure. At times, it becomes far-spread and does not look beautiful at all. This article will discuss the best way to apply DND glitter gel polish on your nails. After reading this article, all doubts about using glitter gel polish on your nails will vanish.

Let us now discuss the crux of the matter without wasting more time.

The Right Procedure for Applying Glitter Gel Polish

This innovative trick to applying glitter gel polish should prove helpful to everyone to have a glitter gel manicure at home.

Start by prepping the nails

The nail prepping process is similar to any other manicure. So, we shall not discuss this procedure much. However, we advise you to file your nails properly without leaving sharp edges that can damage your manicure. Push the cuticles gently to avoid getting the gel polish on them. It can lead to the lifting of the nail polish layer. Buff your nail surface properly to allow the basecoat to stick to the nail. Clean the debris and apply the basecoat in a single layer. Please cure the basecoat under the UV lamp for around sixty seconds.

A crucial aspect of prepping

We discuss a crucial aspect of prepping unique to glitter gel polish. Generally, you do not do this for other manicures. Instead, use liquid latex or wax to line the skin around the nails to prevent them from getting covered in gel glitter polish. This aspect is crucial because glitter can be challenging to remove if it sticks to your skin, especially around the edges and cuticles. The latex layer does not allow this to happen. Hence, it helps beautify your manicure.

The glitter gel application

Usually, the basecoat is transparent. You can apply the glitter gel directly to the transparent basecoat. Alternatively, you can have your favorite color from the DND color chart serve as the ideal base. Curing the additional gel polish layer under a UV or LED lamp is crucial. Otherwise, the nail polish layer could smudge.

Get a clean sponge to apply DND glitter gel polish to your nails. Use a clean brush to apply the bright glitter gel polish at the edges. The real trick is applying the glitter ideally to the sponge. Dab the sponge on your nail. The beauty of this glitter gel procedure is that the sponge helps soak off excess gel paint from your nails while depositing the glitter on them. As a result, you acquire an opaque layer of glitter gel on your nails without smudging the polish or appearing clumpy.

This method of applying glitter ensures a dense layer that does not leave any space unattended. It is better than sprinkling glitter gel on your nails because it leaves a uniform layer of glitter instead of concentrating on specific areas.

Wait for a while for the glitter to stick to the basecoat. Then, remove the liquid latex protective layer from the edges. It peels off easily and removes the excess glitter that might have attached to it. If not for the liquid latex protection, clearing the glitter from the edges would have been challenging without damaging the manicure.

The topcoat application

The topcoat application is the final step of the glitter gel polish manicure. Apply the topcoat in single layers over the glitter to allow it to stay together and not fall off. Multiple coats of the topcoat application can enhance the shine quotient. However, if you wish to have a matte finish, we advise you to stop at the first couple of topcoat layers. Secondly, ensure you cure each topcoat application layer under the UV lamp for sixty seconds.

Admire your manicure

Now, you can admire your manicure and show it off to the world by displaying it on your social media status. The best aspect of this technique is that you can apply the multi-colored gel in different designs comfortably. Besides, this technique allows you to have different glitter gel patterns on your fingernails. It results in minimum wastage of glitter gel polish. Using the sponge proves helpful in absorbing excess paint from your nails to provide an even surface.

Final Thoughts

Applying glitter gel to your hands is easy if you follow the techniques described in this article. Anyone can master the process and have a manicure at home. You need not depend on the services of the nail salon technician. You can choose your favorite glitter colors from the DND color chart and have the manicure. So, do not waste time and master the process to get the best DND gel polish on your nails.