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Une écharpe une vie once again graces the pages of

Canadian fashion blogger Dominique Baker

In the words of Style of Domination:

Is it just me or are you guys a little stressed too about the holidays? I thought so. It isn’t just me. I’m staring at my December calendar right now, amazed at the fact that there are only 13 more days until Christmas.

I still need to finish up my Christmas shopping, have a bunch of holiday parties to attend, and stressing out about the influx of relatives arriving to spend the holidays with us. Christmas in Hawaii is looking better and better with every passing day!

I recently had a day off and decided to get myself in order. Wanting to beat rush hour traffic, I headed out of the house early. I managed to tick off a bunch of errands off my holiday list and decided to pop into a local coffee shop and take a load off.

Warm apple cider in hand, I felt relaxed for the first time in days! It was nice to just sit at the window people watching and take a load off. 2017 has been nothing short of a whirlwind – buzzing by at lightning speed. I thought about all of the ups and downs this year and made mental notes of goals I wanted to achieve in 2018.


One goal I want to smash next year is being a bit more aware of where my clothes are coming from and continuing to by from eco-conscious and sustainable brands. One of my favourites just so happens to be luxe Une Écharpe – Une Vie, a sustainable luxury scarf brand with a focus on social change.

The scarf I’m wearing in these pics is from this great brand.  It’s made of the softest, most beautiful raw silk I’ve ever felt. In fact, words cannot describe how beautiful it is. When spread out, you can fully appreciate the “Shibori” Japanese dying technique. The Japanese have been using this technique since the 8th century, but Une Écharpe – Une Vie puts a modern stylish spin on it. Even better, since the technique is done by hand, each scarf is beautifully one of a kind. The raw silk is in its purest form too. Unrefined and untreated, only low-impact dyes have been used to create the Shibori pattern.

Une Écharpe – Une Vie has a great vision and mandate too. The founders of this brand call their scarves “#Tribalux”, as each scarf has a tribal origin. Each scarf is made by a woman weaver which takes weeks to create. Each design is specific to the village from which she hails, and she weaves from memory, thus creating a special and unique piece of art. The sales from her creations allow her to have a better life for herself and her

So, here I sit, all comfy and cozy is my awesome scarf, taking a much-needed break from the holiday crush. I wanted to be comfortable that day along with warding off the December chill. While a little gloomy, there is something moody and beautiful about the grey winter days…so I decided to go with it.

I paired a favourite charcoal top with a silver thread running through it with my cropped flares. My Chaton Raw Silk Scarf added a little golden brightness to the outfit which I loved. I call this whole look “Zen Christmas Shopper”.

If you still have a few favourite people on your holiday list for which you are shopping for, you should check out the Une Écharpe – Une Vie site for some great gift ideas! Alternatively, you been a goodie this year, treat yo’self!

*A huge thank you to the girls of Une Écharpe – Une Vie for this lovely scarf in exchange for my honest opinion.






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