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Do all our blogs need to be about scarves? Probably... since primarily, that is what we are about. I thought I'd take a chance and give you a sneak peek of the wonderful landscape that has embraced une écharpe - une vie--Donegal County, Ireland.
I am going start by showing you the picturesque view of where we live..**gasp** 
(Pictured above, my husband with a friend's dog some where in Co. Donegal)
It was not until recently that I have come to realize that where we physically live is actually extremely interesting to most people. You see, I live in what National Geographic declared as the coolest place on earth just this 2017.
It's off the beaten track, it's beautiful, and apparently it's cool! We are very close to the areas where select scenes from the infamous Game of Thrones is shot, and yes, it does look EXACTLY like it does in the film (Doesn't this look like the Greyjoys' home turf?) AND Star Wars Episode VIII shot scenes from here! County Donegal is found on the Irish Wild Atlantic Way, and is home to the only five star hotel in the county the amazingly stunning - Lough Eske Castle (yes, it really is a castle). The air is pure, the water is pure, the people are genuine, and it offers absolutely breathtaking sceneries. 
 (Pictured above, Slieve League, raw sea-side cliffs, 30 minutes from where we live)
Having lived in bustling cities most of my life -- coupled with the fact that I moved to Donegal from NYC , people ask all the time if we have found the adjustment difficult. My response--not at all,  County Donegal is our home and frankly, we love it.
Truth be told it was difficult at first: not having easy access to the things we were used to having access to. And of course the silence--it is so peaceful and quiet here.  But us luck would have it, the tranquility really helped us to focus on what really matters in life-- one of them being-- finding the missing pieces that finally helped create une écharpe - une vie
(Pictured above, myself, in front of Lough Eske Castle, wearing a handwoven tribalux Bumblebee Scarf. Photo Credit: Christina J. Irwin)
From all that quiet, a concept was born -- an idea became a reality. From our launch in March 2016 , fast forward to now..our hand woven, sustainable luxury scarves are gracing the pages of The Irish Times, British GQ Magazine, The Irish Examiner, Us Weekly Magazine.. among many others. 
(Pictured above, crystal clear waters behind my house at sunset)
On a side note-- we have chickens!! below are cute images of my son and his feathery friends! and yes we do get fresh eggs daily!x raj


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