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Blue Crush


Hey guys, say hello to our Indigo collection of luxury scarves! We are so pumped about these summer scarves ( Indigo collection) and madly in love with the look and feel of it because, for us, it represents everything that makes summer , SUMMER.  These tribal scarves are light, all cotton and of course hand-loomed, woven and dyed…just imagine how amazing they would look against your sun-kissed skin! 

 “So it’s blue…what’s the big deal?”  Well, these luxury scarves are a pretty big deal because of how that blue color was NATURALLY achieved. No chemicals here, guys. We are talking about natural dyes that our weavers harvest from the Indigofera plant, which is a type of plant our weavers use as a base to create the various shades of Indigo you will find in our scarves.  You don’t see this kind of effort going into things anymore. Everything is machine made, and churned out by the thousands, whereas our scarves are still made in very small, very careful batches.

 “Why is it awesome and unique?” Well, for starters, the leaves and shoots of this plant are picked then fermented in air-tight jars at very specific temperatures to achieve the deep Indigo color.  The scarf isn’t created then dyed, no no. It’s the other way around. The thread used to weave your scarf is first dyed many times so it achieves that “depth of color” that is so crucial.

This process of just dyeing the thread can take up to a week to complete, never-mind all the time it took to pick and ferment the leaves. All in all, before your scarf is even woven, the preparation process can take from 2-3 weeks.

 Think about it. So much work and human effort went into creating the UE-UV scarf you wear around your neck. This isn’t just an off the rack purchase, your scarf literally has meaning and has given purpose to the women who created it. We hope you will appreciate the beauty in its creation.



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