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Elevate your "guy style"
Guys who are interested in elevating their "style game" should consider adding a scarf to your sartorial repertoire. Seriously.  "Why? You ask?." Good question.  
For starters, it just looks uber cool.  There is always a “brooding and mysterious” aura (cloud perhaps?) that surrounds (more like follows..) men who wear scarves.  Try to notice it next time you walk down the street, and you’ll see exactly what I mean. OR simply take a look above and below for this curated visual on just how a scarf can take your "guy style" up ten notches as demonstrated by these severely cool guy celebrities. 


"THAT" is...

What is THAT (hands flailing wildly in circular motion)?  I’ve always wondered. Is it because scarves just make an outfit look that much cooler? OR, could it be because it’s an accessory so rarely used by most men, that when IT IS worn, women automatically assume that they are looking at a well-travelled bloke, who probably works for Doctors Without Borders AND knows what foie gras is?

Whatever the case may be, there's no denying that there's something about a guy in a scarf that says “Hey, girl. I’m effortlessly cool and slightly mysterious…wanna get to know me?".

Dudes can rock scarves

If you ask most men, they really don’t see scarves as something they could incorporate into their everyday wardrobe. Some have never thought about it or simply feel that it’s just not “dude” enough. While others just don’t get how to properly “rock” this underrated fashion accessory.

In comes, Antonio Centeno, founder of the amazing online resource for men’s fashion, style and travel-- realmenrealstyle.com. According to him, men should DEFINITELY wear scarves, for two main reasons—Function and Fashion (or Flair if you wanna get cheeky).

"Especially for gentlemen living in colder climates", according to Antonio, “Scarves not only keep you warm, but they also look great.” Here’s a YouTube clip wherein Antonio shows guys HOW to tie a scarf like a dude, as opposed to Titus Andromedon auditioning for the Lion King on Broadway.  

Antonio’s super YouTube Channel and website is jam packed with style tips for guys that are easy, practical and completely doable. 

 Awesome scarves are our JAM

That said, here at Une Écharpe – Une Vie, awesome scarves are our jam! We encourage everyone, especially men, to elevate their fashion/style game by wearing a scarf. Try it…and we promise you will love it.  Lost? Don't worry, we suggest you start with the basics. Here are 4 top tips on how to get started: 

1. Choose a scarf in a print you really like: Choose a scarf that will easily compliment the other items in your closet.  I suggest to go for a printed one, because by and large menswear is REALLY BASIC...to the point of almost boring.  A scarf that has a cool unisex print on it can serve to really make your outfit pop (in the non-flamboyant way...).

2.Throw it over outerwear : A scarf over a leather jacket, a brown bomber jacket, a blazer, coat is a plus.  Since most men's outerwear is mostly black, brown, navy,  tan or denim,  you can pretty much wear a printed scarf over any of these to give your outfit that final touch. 
3. Elevate a basic/staple wardrobe item by wearing a scarf: Throwing a scarf over a plain white shirt or button down always takes it up a notch.  You can dress a scarf up or down depending on how you style it, like if you're wearing jeans or slacks, sneakers or brogues...either way, sky's the limit. 
4. Just chill, if you feel comfortable, you look cool: Finally, pick a scarf print that is YOU. Don't try to dress like anyone else, just shoot for the best version of yourself and your style, relax and have fun. 
Some amazing ideas from us
Here are some cool style shots of NYC-based male model Matthew Atwater. These outfit ideas are a great starting point as you "venture into the wide world of scarves".  Check out our Nativus scarf below which is perfect for when the weather is not too hot or cold.


Or take a cue from any scarf in our Sand and Sea collection. The blues and beiges in this line evoke the colors that would be found on the coast and lucky for you, these scarves can be worn, pretty much in any season.  Check out our best sellers (below) the GREENPOINTE:

Our PLAGE in blue


Or our ONDA MEDIE...


So, gentlemen, happy scarf hunting!








  • Posted On December 22, 2018 by Ayesha

    Can you please share women wearing scarf


  • Posted On January 05, 2017 by jessica chauhan

    I wasn’t aware that guys do tie a scarf in stylish way.

  • Posted On July 21, 2016 by Christine Tiffany Cool

    @Alex ,

    Thanks so much for your comment, Alex. We appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on the blog. I am an avid scarf lover and I will choose a scarf over any other statement accessory any day of the week.

    Warmest regards
    Tiff Cool

  • Posted On July 20, 2016 by Alex

    Thanks for sharing this lovely blogs, scarves are all time craze for both men and women as it adds beauty to our outfits. Keep updating…

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